Maintain your pool robot quickly and easily in just a few steps!

When you have a pool robot purchased a robot for your pool, you probably did so for practical reasons. After all, cleaning your pool with such a robot is very easy. A pool robot easily cleans your entire pool or pool floor. All you have to do is put it in the water and turn it on. In order to enjoy your robot as long as possible, it is important that you provide it with proper maintenance. In this blog, you will read about the different steps required to clean your pool robot.

First of all, how does a pool robot work?

A pool robot is controlled by a transformer. The technology is so advanced that the pool can be completely cleaned by the robot, without skipping any spots. Because the bottom of a pool usually gets the dirtiest, there are robots that only clean the bottom of your pool. But there are also robots that can clean the wall of your pool in addition to the bottom. These robots can crawl up through the wall of the pool by themselves and also take part of the water line with them during the cleaning. This is done using brushes and suction. All the dirt is then stored in the robot through a filter. This dirt can be easily removed from the filter and disposed of after cleaning. Thus, cleaning your pool is a small job!

Why do you need to clean your pool robot?

Before we explain how to clean your robot, we would like to tell you why it needs to be cleaned. If you take proper care of your pool robot, you will notice that it will last longer. Actually, this applies to all the equipment you have in your home: when you take good care of it, you extend its life. Therefore, the robot can do its job best when it is in good condition and cleaned properly.

What is the best way to maintain your pool robot?

The following steps will tell you the best way to maintain your pool robot. A pool robot consists of several parts, which it is important to pay proper attention to.

Step 1: Remove the robot from the water

The first step that is important for maintaining your pool robot is that you should not leave the robot in the water after it cleans your pool. This is because if you remove your robot from the water after each cleaning, it will last longer. This is because the pool robot can be damaged if it stays in the water for an unnecessarily long time. Among other things, the chemicals in the water can corrode the robot's components. This, of course, is something you want to avoid. So take the robot out of the water whenever you can and you will find that the lifespan of the robot is ensured.

Step 2: Emptying the filters

We already wrote about how a pool robot works: it has filters in which dirt is stored. To ensure that the filters maintain their function for a long time, it is important to empty them after every cleaning. So make sure you remove all the debris that is in the filters, such as hairs or leaves. This is because if you don't do this, you run the risk of reducing the filter's lifespan because it will no longer be able to suck up dirt forcefully. As a result, your pool will no longer get clean properly. So an empty filter does a lot of good for your pool!

Step 3: Cleaning the filters

After you have emptied the filters in the previous step, it is then also important to clean them. You can easily do this using a garden hose. A garden hose can help you also remove the remnants of dirt or small dirt particles that you had overlooked. When your robot has a clean filter, the suction power of the filters will be increased. Do you have a pool robot that uses filter bags? If so, it is important that you wash these regularly. It is recommended that you wash them in the washing machine every two months. It is best to do this with a synthetic wash cycle.

Step 4: Cleaning the robot's propeller

A pool robot consists of other parts besides the filter, including the propeller. Again, it is important that you clean this carefully. Make sure you keep your attention during this job, because the propeller is easily damaged. If you are careful while cleaning, the propeller will be able to keep doing its job well. It is recommended to clean the propeller just like the filters after every cleaning.

Step 5: Replacing the filters

The fourth step is to change the filters. This is important to do the moment the filters are saturated. You will notice automatically when this is necessary, because this is when the filter stops working properly despite cleaning. Replacing the filters will then benefit the robot. By cleaning the filters, washing the filter bags and replacing your filters when needed, your pool robot can do an optimal job and you can enjoy a clean pool. Wonderful to be able to relax in!

Step 6: Storing the robot

The final step for maintaining your pool robot is about storing it. As you read in the first step, is not conducive to keeping your robot in water unnecessarily. You may be wondering where you can keep the robot. This is best done in a place with a lot of shade. Sunlight and high temperatures can damage the robot. Find a suitable place to store your robot.

Maintaining your pool robot: an important job

In this blog, we have explained to you the best way to maintain your pool robot. With proper maintenance, your robot will last longer and thus you can enjoy your pool and pool robot to the fullest.