Uninvited guests in the pool: how to prevent pests

The pool is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the summer. Unfortunately, some uninvited guests can ruin the enjoyment of your pool. All kinds of pests nest in and around the pool but fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to prevent this from happening.

1. Provide a good cover

A good cover for your pool can help prevent pests. A pool cover or tarp not only keeps the water clean, but also prevents the entry of insects and other pests. Make sure the cover is securely attached and the seams are sealed so that no insects can get inside.

2. Remove leaves and other debris

It is always incredibly important to keep the area around the pool clean. Regularly remove leaves, branches and other debris from the area around the pool. Make sure there are no flower pots or buckets of standing water around the pool, this makes insects have less room to nest there.

3. Use a pool cleaner

A clean pool is less attractive to pests, which is why a pool robot can be a useful tool for keeping the pool clean. Such a pool robot provides the necessary circulation of the water and also removes leaves, small branches and other debris that attract insects.

In addition, you can also add special pest control products to the water to kill or repel them.(Piscimar: fastdown) Piscimar Fastdown is a product that prevents unwanted floating and diving insects from collecting on the water surface of the pool. It reduces water surface tension and allows insects to fall to the bottom of the pool allowing them to be sucked away by your pool robot.

4. Provide lighting

Some insects, such as mosquitoes, are attracted to light. To prevent this, you can turn off or reduce lights around the pool when you are not in the pool. If you do need lighting, consider using LED lights, which are less attractive to insects than traditional lighting.

5. Avoid standing water

Stagnant water is the perfect place for many pests to nest. Both a pool robot and the right pump can provide the necessary circulation in the pool water.

6. Use natural repellents

There are a lot of natural substances that will keep insects away from you. For example, you can possibly plant citronella or lavender around the pool or sprinkle some cloves around the pool for a while.

Types of pests:


Mosquitoes love standing water and that is precisely why the pool is the ideal place for them. Controlling mosquitoes in your pool can be done by adding chlorine to the water.

Water fleas

Water fleas are not common in a pool because these creatures do not tolerate chlorine well. If water fleas are present in your pool anyway, this is often a sign of poor water quality. Here we recommend testing the pool water and adding the necessary products so that a good balance is restored.


Water bugs are not harmful to humans, but the waste they produce can contaminate the water in your pool. There are two ways to combat water bugs, you can either remove them from the pool with a net or you can add FAST DOWN from PISCIMAR. With the latter method, be sure to carefully read the instructions on the package.


Springtails are small, harmless insects that prefer to dwell in moist environments. Although they are basically harmless, springtails can sometimes get into a swimming pool and cause a nuisance. Here it is especially advisable to ensure proper maintenance of your pool by keeping the water quality up to standard. If necessary, also provide natural repellents around the swimming area such as planting citronella or lavender.


Wasps love sweet foods and drinks, but the most main reason they hang around the pool is to drink. Therefore, place nearby but at a safe distance a number of water containers filled with pebbles and twigs. One can also place a wasp trap near the pool or hang an old CD in a tree if present.


Pests can interfere with your swimming enjoyment, but fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to prevent or control them. Following these steps will ensure that you can get back to enjoying your pool without worry.